Busted-open door

Anyone who’s been burgled knows the sickening feeling of seeing their front door forced open. Colin and I shared that unhappy experience this morning when he got a call from our landlady saying our apartment had been broken into and we rushed home to take stock of the damages.

We’ve been dogsitting since Friday and staying at the friend’s home, and technology-addicted fiends that we are, had nearly all of our electronic devices with us. We don’t have much else of value, so the thief must have been disappointed to not even have a set of speakers to snatch (ours are portable and with us). He made off with the little bit of cash in our grocery stash and found Colin’s traveler’s wallet with a fresh-from-the-ATM amount of money, but he left the passport and the wallet itself, which had a credit card ferreted away, too. He didn’t take my passport, lying naked on the dresser, nor did he bother going through my drawers to find my cash.

In the absence of any significant losses, the really unsettling part of the matter is that it appears that we were cased. No one else in the building was robbed, so we think someone must have noticed that the Americans on the top floor weren’t staying there this weekend. I’d been home to pick up a few things what must have been just hours before he struck—so I can’t help but think he saw me leave.

We have a new blue door with a new lock and key. Our landlady suggested we stash our cash in the couch cushions. I’m just hoping he wasn’t impressed with what he saw and won’t be coming back.


One response

  1. Val. Is this a joke an April fools day prank you’re pulling on us? If not, everyone that enjoys your wonderful stories and pictures could make a donation to help with the loss. Who’s fooling now? Sorry to hear of your invasion. That sucks. Hate it.

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