Easy Essouira

Back to happier thoughts: the final leg of our Moroccan spring break in the beach town of Essouira.
Essouira harbor
I always feel more at home in beach towns. Rabat, although it is situated on both the Atlantic and the Bourgiba River, is not a beach town; it’s too stuffy, too business-centric (as Moroccans go). Maybe because it has rocks instead of beach for its coast. Essouira, on the other hand, is charming and laid back as proper beach towns are: stalls selling fresh-caught fish, orange juice stands, ice cream shops with large patios, a healthy amount of dreadlocks, a huge plaza and miles of shallow beach.
There’s not much to see in the town, but the people watching is enjoyable, and we had a day and a half with perfect weather for it. There are some tide pools beneath the fortified walls that occupied us for a few hours, nearly equal parts broken glass and shells.
Though we didn’t do any extraordinary dining in Essouira, we enjoy two stellar happy hours by combining our dried fruits from Marrakech with some garlic and cumin olives and freshly fried potato chips from the souk. Colin and I have become accustomed to the relative ease of acquiring wine here in Rabat, and we all went on a bit of a goose chase to find drinks to go with our snacks but were in the end successful.
Tide pools
By the time we had our final Moroccan breakfast, I believe we were all ready for a bit of diversity. Without exception, we started every morning with a variety of different breads—baguettes, croissants, delicious fried bread called msemen, plain flat bread, and sometimes semolina flat breads called harcha. Jam, soft cheese, olive oil. Mint tea or coffee. Not bad for a few days, but we were all ready for eggs or oatmeal or almost anything different. Anyway, we had one more Moroccan breakfast on the terrace of our lovely little riad in Essouira before setting out for the long bus ride back to Rabat.

Enjoy pictures from our whole trip!


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