Best Place Ever

One night in Granada, inspired by our visit to the beautiful Alhambra earlier that day, Bryan, Colin and I put together a March Madness-style bracket to determine the best place ever.

I know, it’s a heady idea.

We jumped right in, seeding what we thought were the sweet 16 of best places, and I have to say that it’s possible we left out some worthy competitors in our haste.

The contest was definitely skewed toward places one of the three of us had visited, which explains how top-seeded Taj Mahal went down against admittedly under-seeded Venice (yes, the whole city) (no, we were not overly careful with our seeding).


We can also admit to some serious home-court advantage taking the Alhambra as far as it went.

The toughest match was between the Great Wall (you can see it from space) and the Forbidden City (the details, the opulence). China–you’ve gotta visit.

We agreed that we could have easily expanded this to 32 places (Stonehenge, Notre Dame, Parthenon, Aix-en-Provence…), and that if we had, the outcome likely would be different. Tenth-seeded Angkor Wat taking the show was a surprise to all three of us.

Think we’re dead wrong? Did we miss something fabulous? What would you add to our bracket?


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