Temperatures rising

Last week I was shivering in the shade. This week it’s been nothing but sweating in sun hats. Rabat seemed to skip the pleasant temperatures of spring and go straight to the 80s. Well, the Moroccans are calling this pleasant; I’m struggling to adjust to the sudden spike.

Luckily, hats, sandals, skirts and sleeveless tops are all allowed at school. Two of those things don’t transition as well to my walk home from school, but I make do. Tomorrow we’re going on a field trip to the local zoo—Woot! Shorts outing! Except…

Our apartment is reacting to the change, too: our chilly tile is no longer so chilly, and the bugs have multiplied. Colin is awoken nightly by mosquitoes. And I need to remember some different meals because lentils twice a week and stews twice a week aren’t so appetizing these days.

It does mean we get to take more advantage of our terrace area and the sweet lanterns I picked out for my birthday, though unfortunately the construction project directly across from us has built up nearly to our fifth-story height.

Our salon area stays dim and cool in the afternoon, so that’s where I do a lot of the wedding planning. If you’ve worried that I’ve disappeared from the internet, you’re welcome to keep track of my engrossed activity on that front.


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