Zoo visit!

Field trips are the best, right? Going somewhere cool and different with all your friends and skipping math centers? To borrow my students’ collective favorite word of the week: “Awesome!”
warthogsAnd the Rabat Zoo? I was pleasantly surprised! The animals seemed content, if a bit hot, and there was really lovely landscaping throughout. The trees need a few more years to mature into decent shade trees, so hopefully they don’t forget to water them (as the Rabati seem to do with a lot of their other city trees).
goatsSpringtime meant there were so many baby animals to “oooh” at–Barbary sheep, antelope, lions, goats–and “oooh,” we did. We walked through a magical garden area with peacocks roaming around that the kids gawked at and marvelously didn’t scare off. I could have stayed there all day.
peacockThe kids overall were pretty good. They complained a bit, but it was really hot and there wasn’t quite enough shade. They only asked for ice cream for the first hour, and when it became clear they weren’t going to get any, they stopped. They were way better about reapplying sun screen than I would have been at 6, and they stayed with the group such that I only got nervous about losing one when we got sandwiched by a few other school groups. Plus they’re extra cute when they’re excited about all the animals and given the opportunity to show off. Animal? Oh yeah, these 6-year-olds think they know all about them.


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