Here’s the rub

Yesterday I checked something off my Thailand bucket list—I got a traditional Thai massage. Anyone who’s been to Thailand might be surprised that I managed to avoid getting one during our previous stays in the country—they are offered everywhere—but I was younger and self-conscious and racked with a sunburn most of the times before. Anyway, yesterday afternoon I went to the masseuse recommended by the gym to find out what all the noise was about.

It all began with an ice-cold jasmine water and a set of one-size-fits-all drawstring pants and T-shirt. I can’t say exactly how a Thai massage differs from a non-Thai massage, but in addition to the rubbing and knocking there was also tugging and rolling of elbows (hers) and bending of limbs (mine). It was a full-contact experience, and it ended with her wrapped around me like a jacket and twisting my upper body to crack my spine. Then I got a hot ginger tea.

I believe I’ve heard you might be sore following a Thai massage, but I’ve been diligent about starting my days with a few sun salutations and laps in the pool, so maybe I was adequately warmed up for the visit. Colin’s not interested in giving it a try, but I think I’ll probably ask again before we leave, not knowing when the next chance will be for us to have a $12 hour-long massage.


2 responses

  1. Fabulous? Sounds like torture to me! 😀 A complete stranger touching and prodding and clinging like that … *shivers* Glad YOU enjoyed it though 😉

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