“Large Pad Thai, large green curry, small mixed vegetables, and a mango smoothie, please.”

IMAG0745The gym has a restaurant attached where all of the trainees go for most of their meals. There are three Thai women who work there, dishing out heaping plates of Thai cuisine and the occasional fried chicken sandwich. The food is good, cheap, and fresh, and the women are always in a pleasant mood, especially if there’s something being lost in translation.
IMAG0709I do, though, always sort of feel like I’m ordering for an army of people. It’s not unusual to order four people’s worth of food at breakfast for the two of us, and we always order three plates at dinner. The Thai diet, of course, is based on rice and rice noodles, and when you’re expending as many calories as Colin is, one plate of fried rice topped with a fried egg just doesn’t cut it. No clear reason why I almost always match him plate-for-plate. Because it’s delicious?
IMAG0711Also thrown into the mix are these delicious smoothies, which a lot of the campers order with protein powder. They’ve got a chocolate ice cream-banana one that is truthfully a milkshake, but I definitely earn it with 20 minutes in the pool, right?

Anyway, I totally got called out by the Thai woman with the least command of English the other morning. She brought out my 2-egg, 2-toast, beans breakfast and my bowl of yogurt, fruit, and muesli, laughed maniacally, pointed at me and made a “but you’re skinny” motion with her hands. More laughter.


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