Road trip day 3: Bryce, Bryce Baby

Miles (in car/on foot): 82/7.5
Other people seen on the trail: 6
Stars in the night sky: 0, only Jupiter could shine through the clouds
Pairs of pants worn in the evening: 3

We got an early start out of Zion and arrived in snowy Bryce Canyon NP just after the ranger had left on his guided snowshoeing hike. Unfortunate. That did leave us time to do the Navajo-Peekaboo-Queen’s Garden Loop, which took us all through Bryce Auditorium and down and up and down and up the canyon’s snowy sides. It was gorgeous and we had perfect weather, but we practically had the park to ourselves.

From the comfort of California we had decided to camp at Bryce, so we hustled over to the North Campground to find the best site. We opted for a slant under a tree with no snow instead of a flat area of packed-down snow and decided that we weren’t really in the mood for a campfire, so it didn’t matter that the ring was totally snowed in.


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