Road trip day 4: Sacrificing the Grand Canyon

Miles: 274
Bottles of wine sold in Navajo Country: 0

It was lightly snowing on us when we woke up, which I probably would have been more excited about if I had some hot cocoa and a fire waiting for me. We decided it was worth staying for the snowshoe hike that morning, even though we knew that would mean not getting to the Grand Canyon until after dark. The hike was great: fun, informative, picturesque since the snow had stopped and the clouds had cleared. Around noon we were back in the car heading south through the “Range” (as in, “Home, Home on the”) to the Grand Canyon, which we arrived at after dark even though it was less than 300 miles away. We had dinner on the rim of the canyon, hoping the moon would provide some illumination, but the cold breeze made it really difficult to enjoy.


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