My week

On Monday, I was setting up my classroom in a small bilingual school here, preparing myself to handle 18 4-year-olds who would arrive next week.

On Tuesday, I found out the international school had lost its second grade teacher and was desperate to find a replacement. I agonized. I applied.

On Wednesday, I was introduced to the rest of the staff at the small bilingual school and finished cutting out the Minion that would welcome my wee ones into our fun room. I was also stealing the wi-fi from across the street to set up an interview with the director of the international school. I interviewed. I accepted.

On Thursday, I went to the director of the small bilingual school with my tail between my legs and explained I was leaving her for another school, the one headed by a man she has known since she was a student herself. I apologized. I apologized. I scooted right out of there and was introduced in a staff meeting at the international school at 9.

On Friday, I worked in my second grade classroom to try to make it inviting. I decided on an ocean theme. I decided on a monster theme. I met four of my students. I decided on a pirate theme. I left after lunch to meet the Peace Corps volunteer who was giving us her cat since she can’t take it with her. I got a flat tire (unrelated to our previous tire issue). I called the embassy. Thank goodness we got my phone working again. Thank goodness we have the spare. Thank goodness it happened in safe area during the day.

Phew. Thank goodness for weekends.

Cat refuses to be roused from her nap.

Cat refuses to be roused from her nap.


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