Summer Vacation: Recent obsession

Hello world! I’m starting week three of summer vacation, and I honestly don’t have much to show for the enormous amount of free time I’ve suddenly been given. That’s OK, though. I’ve watched some Netflix, read some books, baked a LOT of bread, made some fancier meals, and gotten at least halfway through organizing some of this past year’s school materials to be better prepared for next year.

The first two weeks of vacation, and continuing into this week although to a lesser degree, have been set to the soundtrack of Hamilton, the musical. The Tonys happened the Sunday after the last day of school (do yourself a favor and watch this clip of their performance during the awards show) and so the hugely popular production resurfaced in my consciousness and, acknowledging I will likely never see the show live, I downloaded the original cast recording and blasted it three days straight while I cleaned my classroom. My pal, the third-grade teacher, wasn’t there to make fun or to see me tear up during “Burn” (it was an emotional week).

I tried to mix it up by listening to other musical soundtracks, but the thing that I can do while Colin is around is read 1776 by David McCullough, which follows Gen. Washington during the fight for American independence and barely features Hamilton. Oh well. A riveting story nonetheless.

one thing

I also made this inspirational poster for next year’s second graders. It’s a lyric.

Late to the game, I know, but I’ve got a lot to catch up on coming out of the first year of teaching. So if everyone could stop talking about House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Game of Thrones, that would be great, thnx.


The other Washington

Colin and I are hunkered down in Washington state, hanging out with his mom and a gracefully aging sharpei-mastiff mix, in the second installment of our West Coast-Best Coast summer. Last week we were in the East Bay with his dad, with a break for a sweat-soaked ranch wedding in Redding. And after about 10 days here, I will begin my journey south, while Colin continues his north.

Honestly, it’s all been a lot more relaxing than I deserve. I didn’t just finish a master’s program. I didn’t come off an especially rough year of work. I’m not even actively, desperately seeking employment to put an end to this charade. Getting a summer vacation makes me feel like an imposter. What right do I have to lay on the couch and read all day? Where do I get off taking a weekend to go kayaking? Really, there’s nothing on my agenda today at all? Really?

To do: Come up with list of things to do.